Taurus Biosciences LLC is a private biotechnology company in San Diego that discovers and develops novel cow antibodies. Cow antibodies have the longest CDR3s of any species, with unique genetic and structural diversity that can enable binding to challenging antigens. The therapeutic antibody market is now $100B, with additional opportunities in the diagnostic and research markets. The novel structural features or cow antibody long CDR3s can enable unique applications in all of these areas.

Intellectual Property. Taurus has a dominant patent position in antibodies with ultralong CDR3s, including humanized cow antibodies.

Partnerships. Taurus is your preferred partner for discovery and development of cow-based monoclonal antibodies. We have unique expertise in cow antibody discovery and engineering, as well as the basic science of cow immunoglobulin genetics, structure, and function.

Internal Programs. Taurus is developing a novel cow-based antibody targeting a very challenging ion channel for autoimmune disease and cancer. This antibody is highly potent and has a unique mechanism of action. Taurus is also discovering new cow antibodies against targets that are challenging for typical human or rodent antibodies.